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Preparation Techniques to Succeed in CSIR NET Exam

#1. Having a routine in place for a consistent study schedule will make it easier to follow through with studying and preparing for exam.

#2. One important note is to occasionally take breaks while studying. Looking over and working on the same topic for hours at a time can lead to exhaustion and overload. At the same time, taking too long of a break can be a temptation to become sidetracked and not finish the planned topic.

#3. Don't put off studying and wait to the last minute to review and complete the syllabus. Last minute cramming does little good. It's important to schedule in some studying every day to avoid the last minute cram and to increase learning.

#4. Maintaining a positive attitude and being optimistic takes you a long way.

#5. Take notes that work with your own learning style and help yourself come up with a system to keep your notes organized. Productive studying is impossible in a disorganized environment.

#6. Make flash cards on the important topics that need to be learned, put the information in creativity to remember the important points.

#7. Make sure you are free from as many distractions as possible. Make it a positive and comfortable place.

#8. Doing one activity (monotonous) for an extended period of time will be boring! Switch up your studying by reading some hand-on activities, discussions, etc.

#9. Every week, review the material you covered and evaluate how well you did at retaining the information. If you are found lacking in a particular area, go back and study that area again.

#10. After studying, if you have questions about a particular topic ask any expert or professor for clarification.

#11. Put the material you have learned into your own words and meanings. You want to make the information meaningful and understandable for you.

#12. If you have run across information you are unsure of, resort to textbooks or other completely reliable resources to help clear up the confusion. Study groups are great resources for this purpose, as well as to be able to bounce ideas and theories off to another group of people.

#13. Very few do it, but you should! After a job-well done, give yourself a reward. You deserve it!

• These preparation techniques will make a huge difference in the forthcoming CSIR JRF/NET exam.

Wish you all success.