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Coming out with flying colours in CSIR JRF/NET Exam

Ten Important Tips

#1. Be positive. Approach the test as you would a jigsaw puzzle-put it all together one piece at a time. A positive attitude goes a long way toward coming out with flying colours.

#2. Have a plan. Use note cards and write the most important facts on the cards. Highlight items that may take more time for you to study and plan plenty of time for studying the harder items that may be on the test.

#3. The night before the Test. If you have a plan, you will not be up all night cramming for the test. On the night before the test do a quick review and go to bed early.

#4. The morning of the Test. Eat breakfast. Get to the exam centre early and be confident.

#5. Make sure you understand the instructions on the test and how your test will be scored.

#6. Managing your time. Scan through the test before you begin to mark your answers. Answer the easy questions first. By answering the easy questions first, you allow yourself more time to concentrate on the harder questions.

#7. Don't worry or get frustrated by tricky questions. Make sure you understand the question and try to answer it the best you know how. However, if you cannot figure out the answer make a note of that question number and come back to it after you have answered all the other questions. Remember that you are going to lose marks for wrong answers.

#8. The process of elimination can help you pick the right answer in a multiple choice question when you are unsure of the answer. Cross out all the answers that you know are not right answers. Then select the correct answer by studying what was not crossed out by you.

#9. Be neat. Make sure that your writing is legible while you write your name, register number etc. and that you completely erase your mistakes.

#10. Completed! When you have answered the last question, check to see how much time is left to take the test. Use this extra time to review your answers.

• Success is that old ABC - ability, breaks, and courage.

• The secret of success is constancy of purpose.

Wish you all success.